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Although this is not Thursday I’m going to give you a throwback project. I made this for my Dad for Christmas this last year. My Dad ever since I could remember has had a “stache”. He also likes to collect his spare change into jars and jugs. For the longest time all he had was an old gallon wine jug that he would put his pennies into. I remember loving to go get it and pour it out on the rug and count out all the pennies, roll them up and then take them to the bank. One day shortly after we moved I went to an old antique barn and found a couple of these 5 gallon glass water jugs for sale. I thought OMG what a great gag gift for Dad! It would take forever to fill this jug up. So I went back a few months later and bought up the last one they had and brought it home. It took a couple months of discussing with my husband on how to label it up. I had seen on pinterest all the cute crafts with mustaches and the wording of don’t touch my stache. As Christmas was approaching faster and faster with it still being a meaningless “blank canvas” my husband finally had the idea of me just sewing up a removable slip cover for it. So I whipped one up quickly and embroidered the wording and hand cut the “stache” out of felt. Then boom it was a meaningful gag gift.


Owl Tablet Cover



Here is a cute little craft I did just before Christmas 2013. I made three different ones and each one was a different color scheme. These are made out of felt and all hand sewn and embroidered. I got the idea off of a pin I seen on pinterest, but she had made them for her cell phone and I think they was slightly different. It turned out way cute. I made one for my mother in law for Christmas because she loves owls. One other was sold at a little craft show in my super small hometown. Now there is just this one little lonely fowl left 😉 A 7 inch tablet fits in it I believe. My kindle fire is what I went off of. A while back I had pinned a link from a very talented and much appreciated lady. Who shared so many embroidery stitches for this newbie. Doing it on felt was such an easy way to learn those stitches also. This is something I definitely enjoyed doing. This little bird is for sale and if your interested in it let me know 😉