This quilt is a little special. Even though is hasn’t gone very far yet. Most of it is still in my mind. My husbands grandmother passed away almost two years ago. About a year ago I inherited one of her last unfinished projects she was working on. For the last year they have sat stored away in my sewing room. Until now, I have finally figured out what I will be doing with them.


Although this is as far as it is I think it will make a real beautiful quilt. I know once it’s done I will be torn on whether to keep it for ourselves or to give it to my mother in law or aunt.

My plan is to make small blocks from all the different floral prints and put them around the girls and lots of small blocks sewn into bigger blocks for the blank spots.

Not only did I get these beautiful prairie girls, but just recently I was given her Bernina and can’t wait to set it up in my sewing room and get it figured out.



SOOOOOO I sat up the Bernina and used it earlier this week and it works like a charm, especially compared to my Singer which I think needs to be looked at by someone besides myself. Can’t figure out why it’s needing to be oiled more and the tension is still just not working right. Anywho 🙂 I did some cutting on this quilt the last few days and starting to make the layout a bit.



Still a lot to do on it before I can start sewing. I need to finish trimming up the prairie girls, they’re not all the same. Then finish laying out the blocks. I’m going to get some brown fabric to boarder the girls and make them look like framed pictures or something. I’m still not completely sure 🙂 but it’s going to turn out really good.


ready to sew….


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    • 🙂 This quilt is being made from parts of my husbands grandmother. We are thinking of giving it to his mother for her birthday because her mother meant a lot to her. I’m happy you like it 🙂

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