I love to sew, especially to quilt. I may have been quilting for a decade but I am in no way as amazing as those good ole ladies in the quilting guild 😉 I found out there is a quilting guild in my area and visited one of their meetings. I was the youngest one there! talk about feeling out of place lol. BUT i do love to quilt and god knows I need an outlet around here since we’ve moved away from everything I’ve known for the last seven years. So Yes I will try them out again.

I learned my first stitches and sewed on my first sewing machine my freshman year in high school. I hear horror stories about strict and mean home economics teachers, I am completely relieved to say, I LOVED my teacher. Now as far as I know I wasn’t around anyone who sewed as I was growing up. By the time I could remember anything my Grandmother was older. All though I will always remember her love of music. As for my mother, she hated sewing lol. Maybe she had one of those teachers.

Right now I have so many open projects. So my goal this year is to knock out several of them. Along with posting about these projects I will occasionally post a few of my past projects.

SO to start off this Page here is one of my favorite ones.

Midnight Travels

I wanted to make my little sister and her new hubby a quilt for Christmas this last year. So I asked her what their favorite colors were. When she told me it was black and blue my first thought was “bruises” BUT then I started searching for fabric and thus this came forth. It fits them perfectly. I look at this quilt and I can see both of their personalities in it. This quilt was time consuming. It was also my first one I used the “stitch in the ditch” technique. Now that was hard. My quilt was to thick for it so I was only able to go one direction instead of going both horizontally and vertically like I wanted. But it still turned out good and the stitching did it’s purpose by holding all three layers together. I think my greatest complement was from a nice old lady, who by the way can bake some awesome pies, that told me she wanted one exactly like it.


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