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Just a few lovely pictures of spring around our house πŸ™‚


Owl Spring Wreath



I made this several weeks ago just for spring time. I used a picture frame and wrapped yarn around it. I made the flowers out of felt, cutting strips of felt, folding it over long ways, gluing in place, then cutting small snips all the way down the strip, but making sure I didn’t cut all the way through the strip. I then rolled real tight and glued the end in place. I then glued the flowers onto the wrapped yarn and tied on the owl. Isn’t it such a cute little owl, I bought it on super sale at walmart just after Christmas, didn’t look like a holiday animal but I guess it was. This was one of my favorite ones I’ve made, but I’m still a novice and learning as I go. I’m thinking my next one will be a summer themed.

Progress on Prairie Garden


I finally stopped everything and finished doing the layout of the Prairie Garden Quilt. If you haven’t checked out my page for it here is a brief recap of what its all about. I did not make the prairie girls, my husband’s late grandmother did. They was one of the last projects she was working on. The girls are not perfect, many of them are slightly different sizes and the stitching on some are a little rough, but that adds character, however it has made it very hard to trim them all up to the same size, somewhat. Originally I was just going to make a floral block quilt with nothing but flower prints, but I ended up combining the two quilts together. I think they are smashing. I still have to buy the brown fabric I plan on using to boarder the girls in. However I can certainly start sewing those tiny little two inch blocks and get those knocked out of the way. I still don’t know for sure what the backing will be and how I will finish it. I have yet to really practice on machine quilting and for me getting it done through someone else is financially out of the question. To me they charge a fortune around here.


Fat Quarter Quilt




This is the blanket I made my niece Zoe for Christmas last year. Originally the zigzag quilt was going to be for her, but I wanted one that could be used for her bed and the zigzag quilt wasn’t long enough. This was fast and fairly easy, the hardest part was trying to get all the fat quarters to be the exact same size. My sister tells me how much my niece love her blanket and I’m so happy that it was something personal like a blanket that I made her for Christmas πŸ™‚ Those are always the best type of presents, ones handmade, thought up just for that special person. Seeing as how Christmas is about nine months away I should probably start on everyone’s presents soon.

Job vs. Schooling


So I had an interview today at Dollar General and I’d have to say that it went real well. In fact he informed me that I’d be getting a call from him tonight. However considering I’d only get paid minimum wage and only be part time it is not worth it financially. AND, we would loose my kids health insurance and we’d pretty much be paying for me to have this job. SOOO we have been talking even more and I am looking into take college classes. I’m considering Culinary Arts. But I’d love some feed back on what good class courses are for a crafter and stay at home mother like I’ve been.

Cuddle Monsters


cyclopsmonster floralmonster geekymonster monkeymonster piratemonster puppymonster sportymonsterquilt

These are my cuddle monsters. Not all are monsterly and not a single one is scary πŸ™‚ Some of these are large and some are small. They are each unique and would make a perfect little buddy for a little one πŸ™‚ I made one for each of my two girls and one for each of my two nieces for Christmas last year. Of course my eight year old isn’t to fond of hers, but my little one just absolutely loves hers. I got the idea off a Β pin on pinterest (where else LOL). On there they advertised them as scrappy monsters. Mine wasn’t made from scraps mostly and they was no where near as adorable as the ones pinned. BUT they are still soft and cute. These are also something I made plenty of with the intentions of selling them. In all I made ten of them to sell at the craft bazaar back in November, but sadly only three of them sold. SOOO I’m on a mission to get these little cuties out of their box and into some little arms by the end of this year. However if you like what you see and want something a bit more to your specifications I can make one up special just for you πŸ™‚ This last one pictured is for sell as a set, special for a little baby boy. It’s theme is sports. The size of the cuddle monster is considered a large. The little quilt is a little Linus drag along or would fit perfectly over the child’s lap while in his/her carseat.

The themes for the cuddle monsters is from left to right: robot/cyclops(large), floral garden(small), geeky(small), monkey(large), pirate(small), and puppy dog(large).

Owl Tablet Cover



Here is a cute little craft I did just before Christmas 2013. I made three different ones and each one was a different color scheme. These are made out of felt and all hand sewn and embroidered. I got the idea off of a pin I seen on pinterest, but she had made them for her cell phone and I think they was slightly different. It turned out way cute. I made one for my mother in law for Christmas because she loves owls. One other was sold at a little craft show in my super small hometown. Now there is just this one little lonely fowl left πŸ˜‰ A 7 inch tablet fits in it I believe. My kindle fire is what I went off of. A while back I had pinned a link from a very talented and much appreciated lady. Who shared so many embroidery stitches for this newbie. Doing it on felt was such an easy way to learn those stitches also. This is something I definitely enjoyed doing. This little bird is for sale and if your interested in it let me know πŸ˜‰

Patriotic Bandana Quilt




Here is a nice little quick picnic blanket I threw together late last year some point. I had these sitting at the bottom of my storage tub of fabrics. It is made out of Β nine bandanas, batting and a red flat sheet. I had to trim the bandanas a little since they where not all exactly straight. It’s a perfect little picnic blanket that will come in handy when the 4th of July comes around and you want to sit on the beach or a nice grassy lawn to watch those beautiful fireworks πŸ˜‰ I am selling this little blanket also. So if your interested let me know πŸ™‚




So great news. My husband is finally getting that raise he was promised last year. But regardless of him getting it it is still time for me to venture out of the house and get a job of my own. I have been a stay at home mother for the last nine years. Dedicating my time and love into raising our children. One of the many reasons, and not being the most important was it was just cheaper for me to stay home with them then having to put them in daycare. Since I was a stay at home mother I was always available to help babysit for our friends and neighbors. Being a military life all those years I was never short of friends. We recently in the last year moved away from all of that and even though we have lived at this new place we still haven’t made any friends. And being that I went straight from High School to being married then having kids, not having a job of any kind or going to any school, finding a job recently has been very very very depressing. The last place I want to work is McDonald’s or somewhere equivalent. Nothing wrong with those places, but I really just don’t want to work there. However I applied at Pizza Hut and not even they was interested in me. I have so many skills of serving and cleaning, but it seems like no one will give me the time of day. If only I could make a living out of my quilts then I’d be doing something I love and making a little money off it to boot πŸ™‚ But I will keep my head up and just keep applying for jobs. Since we live in a Lake Town with many hotels and resorts I am bound to find some sort of job soon, considering it is getting to that time of year when all the vacationers and seasonal tenants come rolling back in.

Garden Birthday Party


So that ever so busy birthday week for our family is approaching soon. One week in May we have four birthdays all in a row! I still can’t believe the chances of that happening. In the past I was a super organized Mom and had my daughters parties planned out two or three months in advance since all I had to worry about was our family of four and our friends. Now that we moved back home to all our family and away from all our friends I have more to consider than what weekend and what not is best for us πŸ™‚ BUT I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD! In the past I try to take into consideration what my little birthday girls want as a theme or based off what they have been really really into lately. But my little almost five year old really just doesn’t care. She is like her Daddy in soooooooo many ways. I always joke with people that the only thing she got from me was my eyes πŸ˜‰ I even just recently asked her what she would like as a present for her birthday. What does this little goober do, she looks around the room and says the first thing that her eyes fall on. My blanket, thinking this is a joke I laughed and asked what kind of blanket. Then she states the second thing her eyes fall on, Daddy’s fish tank, so she wants a fish blanket. Knowing she is just joking and that she would really be happy with whatever we make/buy her we are going to go with making our girls a playhouse outside πŸ™‚ I know they will love it and get much use out of it this summer. Considering this is what I’d like to do for them I thought having a great picnic/garden party off our great back deck again would be a great way to display they’re new and exciting play thing. Among other things will be the great game of cornhole, maybe some horseshoes, heck maybe even they’re pool if it’s warm enough by then, along with some amazing ribs and sides. Instead of going with the normal cake like we do every year I have decided to make dirt cake. I tell my little birthday girl this and she just thought that was so funny. Once that much anticipated weekend is among us I will gladly post a few pictures of my “crafty” decorations.