I’m new to this, so my wreaths are very amateur. My first attempt was so horrible I laugh at it. But like any of my new experiments I will keep trying till one day I can be confident in it.

This wreath I feel is my first (somewhat) accomplishment. It is in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.


I covered half with green yarn, the other half is greens and white ribbon wrapped and pinned. I handmade the flowers and clovers (from Pinterest). I’m not sure what you call it, but I made the white flowers from the lace ribbon. The first step I took was cutting out a small circle from thin cards stalk. I used the bottom and a spool for the size and those little square cardboard from the middle of the fat quarts you get at JoAnn. Next I warm up my hot glue gun and just take the ribbon and start wrapping it around my finger. Wrap as many times as you like to make it however big you want your flower. Just as long as you don’t over wrap and make it bigger than your circle cutout. Next I just glued the flower to the base circle, held it there for a few seconds to make sure it set. Then your done. Mine in my opinion need maybe a pearl or other bobble in the center to hide the pin. I just didn’t get around to the craft store for that. Now the clovers, I got that technique off Pinterest as well. The are made from felt. Above is a close up picture I eyeballed to do mine. When I went to the link that was with it I couldn’t find its post. Now for the little sign hanging in the middle. I got that at JoAnn as well. I love going up there and seeing their seasonal and holiday sales. Just like Hobby Lobby they put their product on sale so stinking early. Just confuses me why they don’t just market it at that price to begin with. I bought this little sign right after Valentine’s Day and it was already marked way down. That’s my kind of deal 😉


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