scrappy canvasscrappy canvas2


So over the weekend I first enjoyed the beautiful weather we had Saturday. Spent it with my husband and girls around the house then later went out driving looking at houses for sale. One day I will have a house to call my own. But anyway, yesterday did a complete turn around. It was cold and dreary out, mother nature was having one of her bi-polar episodes. So I FINALLY cleaned my craft room! Really didn’t talk to long, I don’t know why I kept putting it off. But it got done 🙂 Now as a reward to myself I did a little craft I had been wanting to do for a while. I got the idea off Pinterest 😉 where else right hahaha. I had gotten the canvas on sale at one of the craft stores because it had a small rip on the underside. The scrapbook paper I got on sale at JoAnn. I LOVE SALES! Originally I was going to just fill it all in with scraps. But as I got going I “Let MY Imagination Flow” and wanted to put a little writing on it. Once I got it traced out with pencil I had to take a break. I realized both my paint marker and my permanent marker was dead and dried up. Probably due to my little extra hands running around here. So I made a midnight dash to Walmart. I looked and looked and finally decided to go with permanent markers. For two reasons, one being this Walmart takes ages to get any of their crafting products in when they run out. So thus I couldn’t get any paint markers. Second their permanent markers where on “sale”. Yep lol. So I bought a few different kinds. Once I figured out what color went best I just traced over my pencil outline. I think it turned out really great. Note it did take nearly five hours for me last night since I had to cut and piece all my paper scraps, then I had to glue each one down. Totally worth it though. It definitely shined up my walls in the craft room.


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