I get much of my inspiration from Pinterest. I like to get creative with other things to take a break every once in a while from sewing. Again I am not great at what I attempt to do, but most times the project turns out to be good enough in my opinion to display in my home. I’ve made things that range from little odds and ends, wreaths (again nothing fancy) to my biggest project a hall tree. I like to get artificial flowers and make arrangements. I think I got started in that from visiting my Aunt’s flower shop for a week to help her out last year. I tried the whole scrapbooking once and found out that is just not me; however I do love looking at the paper and thinking of other crafty things I could do with it. Now days the scrap book paper is just plain adorable. I don’t have much crafting supplies, but I make do with what I have. As long as I have my hot glue gun, a ruler, scissors, some mod podge, maybe a few sparkly stuff and glitter I can do anything. I have loads of ideas bursting from my mind and all over my pinterest boards. I know I will probably never get to them all and I know I will just keep adding to them. A person can have far worse addictions than being a crafter 🙂

I hope you can enjoy my crafts and feel free to let them get your imaginations rolling.


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