I don’t consider myself as an animal lover, but I do love MY animals. I do like to love on other animals too, just not to bring them home.

My first pet I had after I got married was a sweet little toy chihuahua I named Missy.


She was something else. A couple years after we got her we brought home our cat Abby. Then a couple years after that we brought home our lab Manny. Now she may have been small but she was queen bee in the house. Well queen bee of all animals 😉 Not once did Manny question her authority. She was a snuggler. As most small dogs are, but there was something about her that was different. Even if you wasn’t tired and you sat down to snuggle with her you ended up falling asleep. She loved car rides, but only as long as she was in your lap. But towards the end she became a home body and didn’t want to go anywhere. She passed away on her own Dec. 2 2013. I cried.

Manny (Man Chester)


This is my big boy who thinks he’s a little boy. AND always feels like he is deprived of attention. He brings such joy into our life. We got him when I was pregnant with our second daughter. When my husband started looking around for another dog to bring home I like any good wife and mother put down stipulations. I was NOT going to bring a puppy into the house. He had to be house trained and neutered. I’d have to say my husband can pick them 🙂 dogs I mean 😉 He LOVES to play ball, well anything chase and retrieve related really, and he absolutely LOVES water! It was perfect and even more so now that we live next to a lake! I’ll tell you one thing he does not like. Storms, he turns into the biggest pansy EVER. And since we’ve moved him to OK when we moved from FL, I don’t blame him. These thunderstorms can get pretty scary.



LOL I will have to get a better picture of Abby, also nicknamed fatso. Now SHE is my snuggling champ. She’s a cat. Not much to say about her. Other than she like to spend her days curled up high on her bed or if she sees fit on a sunny day sun bathing by the french doors. Oh to be a cat.

Now just recently we have been feeling the need to get our Manny a playmate and us a little extra joy for our family. After two months of searching and thinking then searching and thinking again and again. Contemplating between become fosters through our local humane society or just adopting. We went with adopting. Couldn’t help it when we toured our humane society this last time. They had puppies, lots of puppies. I know I know I know, I told myself I would never get a puppy I would have to do more than just train commands to, BUT!!!! We fell in love with her.


stella babystella and manny

And guess what! Manny just adores her. Although she is a little pester to him sometimes hahaha. She is border collie mix and although she is still very young she is very smart. She has learned already where she is supposed to go potty. However training her to not have accidents inside is still a work in progress only due to how young she is. But we are getting there. It’s almost like having a small baby again. I’m way out of practice there, but she is bringing back some of those habits. Her funniest thing at the present is eating out of her metal bowl. Once she gets down to the bottom she gets freaked out because she can see her reflection. Very cute.

On top of my fur babies my husband is into fish aquariums. At present time he has three up. And God I hope he doesn’t add any more. I couldn’t help but smile the other day when I looked over and see him just sitting down on the couch after working on his fish tanks. He had a slight grin on his face from satisfaction of his fish tanks surrounding him. I won’t lie either, they are nice to look at 🙂


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