Monthly Archives: June 2014

Change of lifestyle


My husband and I have been playing around with the idea of starting a small garden on our 3 acres. With realizing how ridiculously expensive fresh healthy food is this last week it has made me work a lot faster on getting said garden started! I’m a bit hesitant in one way only. I have absolutely NO green thumb at all. I can’t even keep a pot of flowers alive longer than two weeks. But I am very determined to get frugal. Not only am I wanting to start a garden but I am going to start my own compost. I am going to attempt a hot pile. I know it will take a few months to get going good, but I know it will help with the garden. Another project we are working toward on our frugal lifestyle is raising chickens. We are lucky enough that previous tenants had chickens here at one point and have left a well structured chicken coop behind. With a little renovation to it and adding the originally planned playhouse into a chicken roosting house it will be a good start on housing for them. However that little adventure isn’t going to be completely started until next spring. Going green hippie style but not quite extremest. Be respectful and humane.  




SUMMER IS HERE!!!! OMG so my girls have been out for summer for about two weeks now. Although they are much more independent now days, they are STILL keeping me super BUSY! So much to my disappointment, I have been SLACKING on my sewing. Although this year is my year to mostly just start new projects, I feel like some of the unfinished projects that are at a non stopping point sitting around in my craft room are screaming at me to hurry and get them out of the way. BUT I am determined to give my girls a GREAT summer, which means driving them to places and getting out of my house and craft room to do those things. Some things on our summer calendar is their day sports camp this week, then swimming in the lake and splash pad as much as possible. Along with that we are enrolled in the public library’s summer reading program. So we have to make time out of the day to read! Not to mention our annual family summer fish fry in July and then the following weekend my sister’s “best day of her life” event.

At the top of my mind, my count on unfinished quilting projects reach at about eight. My newest one is going to be a Term of Endearment Quilt for my sister’s wedding. Instead of doing the traditional guest book at the reception table I’ll be having blocks of white cotton and fabric markers for people to put some advice or “term of endearment” for the newly weds. Once the wedding is done and over with I’ll take those blocks and get fabrics in the same color wheel as their wedding colors. 

SOOOOO just to let any “followers” know that I’m still here, but I won’t be near as much as I was. Maybe once my girls go back to school in August I will again find the time to update on my sewing.