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Pinwheel Quilt


So lately I’ve had several “fascinations”. I couldn’t limit myself to trying out just one or two different quilt patterns, SO lol I have started them ALL. I know I know, I’m batty 😉 I’ve changed up how I quilt now. Before I’d start one project and do nothing but that project until it was finished. I would find myself getting burned out and tired of working on it halfway through, then I’d realized that it was taking me way longer to finish it then it really should have. Being on here I’ve started to realize how some quilters would start many projects all through the year and would take their time finishing each of them. So that is why I’ve got over a handful of unfinished quilts going on in my sewing room. You would think that doing that would be hectic and stressful, but it’s not that bad. Some projects I’m working on only require a small space to work, usually just stationed around my ironing board. However if it is a “big” project that needs the whole floor, then I will get it all laid out and sewn to a point I can fold it back up and hang in it my closet. I will one day get me one of those felt walls and have almost no need to be on the floor! Anyway, now to tell you about this pinwheel quilt.

I bought the fabric I’m using here for a project for my Mother-in-law. These colors are her favorite. At the time I had no idea what they would be used for and after many months of thinking, searching Pinterest and going to the Public Library, I came across the pinwheel pattern and thought that would just be adorable. Considering I was already now considering the Prairie Garden Quilt to be going to her.

This is a picture of my first pinwheel EVER. It’s not THAT bad, but I think I know how I should pin it to make it come together better. I’ve got two pinwheels finished and about 60 more to go, that is going to be a little time consuming lol.



Neighborhood Quilt



I’ve had a little fascination with house blocks lately. This is my first house…not super great, I made it with what I had for a backing at the moment, just to see if I liked the outcome before I bought more into this. This is one quilt that may take me a year or so to make, just because I make it out of scraps mostly. I think it’s a nice job for being my first. 🙂 What I like about this little house is it’s itself, I don’t follow a pattern. I can make them as straight or as crooked as I want. My “plan” at this moment in time is to make several house blocks and boarder them with black or grey fabric. To make the quilt look like a little town. I might even make a block for a swimming pool and one for a park.

Independence Quilt



MY 1st PLUS quilt!!!!! Super happy with it so far 😉

I have had this fabric sitting out on my sewing table for MONTHS and I had to just do something interesting with them. They are such beautiful and interesting prints that I wanted something a little more special than a normal block patchwork quilt. So I got onto my Pinterest and searched all the pins of wonderful quilts I saved and was stumped between this one and one other. Obviously this one won 😉 Kind of helped that the talented woman had a free pattern and instructions to go with it.

This quilt’s ending size will be 38″X52″, as long as I don’t screw up along the way. This picture is a very horrible take on it and does not give the prints justice. I spent all morning making up my mind on what the quilt was going to look like, then a couple of hours cutting. I saved the stripes for last. Love the print, but I find I get a little OCD on them matching up. After taking a stop to go help my Hubby out outside, I came back in and tackled the striped print. Well I was going to stop there for tonight but after I got it all cut I just HAD to lay it all out and visually see what it was going to look like. LOL ya know “if you give a mouse a cookie” kind of thing.



I Finished It! The quilt top that is. After is sat on my floor for a whole week. It turned out really good. Now I just have to figure out what I want for the backing, I’ve already got an idea for the binding. Just have to check out the fabric and make sure I’ve got enough for that.


Although it is overcast and moist out I think it helps bring out the brightness of the colors. If you look close enough you’ll probably be able to see how the prints look. Earlier I had said something about getting the stripes all lined up and matching. WELLLLLLL that turned out to be more difficult and frustrating as I was going along. SOOOOOOO I just went with it. I really enjoyed doing this quilt. Now I’m considering taking it to get machine quilted. We will see 😉