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One of the best things about searching for fabric on a budget is looking and looking and coming across some buried treasures.

Fabric Treasure Hunt





Although this is not Thursday I’m going to give you a throwback project. I made this for my Dad for Christmas this last year. My Dad ever since I could remember has had a “stache”. He also likes to collect his spare change into jars and jugs. For the longest time all he had was an old gallon wine jug that he would put his pennies into. I remember loving to go get it and pour it out on the rug and count out all the pennies, roll them up and then take them to the bank. One day shortly after we moved I went to an old antique barn and found a couple of these 5 gallon glass water jugs for sale. I thought OMG what a great gag gift for Dad! It would take forever to fill this jug up. So I went back a few months later and bought up the last one they had and brought it home. It took a couple months of discussing with my husband on how to label it up. I had seen on pinterest all the cute crafts with mustaches and the wording of don’t touch my stache. As Christmas was approaching faster and faster with it still being a meaningless “blank canvas” my husband finally had the idea of me just sewing up a removable slip cover for it. So I whipped one up quickly and embroidered the wording and hand cut the “stache” out of felt. Then boom it was a meaningful gag gift.

Owl Spring Wreath



I made this several weeks ago just for spring time. I used a picture frame and wrapped yarn around it. I made the flowers out of felt, cutting strips of felt, folding it over long ways, gluing in place, then cutting small snips all the way down the strip, but making sure I didn’t cut all the way through the strip. I then rolled real tight and glued the end in place. I then glued the flowers onto the wrapped yarn and tied on the owl. Isn’t it such a cute little owl, I bought it on super sale at walmart just after Christmas, didn’t look like a holiday animal but I guess it was. This was one of my favorite ones I’ve made, but I’m still a novice and learning as I go. I’m thinking my next one will be a summer themed.

Progress on Prairie Garden


I finally stopped everything and finished doing the layout of the Prairie Garden Quilt. If you haven’t checked out my page for it here is a brief recap of what its all about. I did not make the prairie girls, my husband’s late grandmother did. They was one of the last projects she was working on. The girls are not perfect, many of them are slightly different sizes and the stitching on some are a little rough, but that adds character, however it has made it very hard to trim them all up to the same size, somewhat. Originally I was just going to make a floral block quilt with nothing but flower prints, but I ended up combining the two quilts together. I think they are smashing. I still have to buy the brown fabric I plan on using to boarder the girls in. However I can certainly start sewing those tiny little two inch blocks and get those knocked out of the way. I still don’t know for sure what the backing will be and how I will finish it. I have yet to really practice on machine quilting and for me getting it done through someone else is financially out of the question. To me they charge a fortune around here.


Fat Quarter Quilt




This is the blanket I made my niece Zoe for Christmas last year. Originally the zigzag quilt was going to be for her, but I wanted one that could be used for her bed and the zigzag quilt wasn’t long enough. This was fast and fairly easy, the hardest part was trying to get all the fat quarters to be the exact same size. My sister tells me how much my niece love her blanket and I’m so happy that it was something personal like a blanket that I made her for Christmas 🙂 Those are always the best type of presents, ones handmade, thought up just for that special person. Seeing as how Christmas is about nine months away I should probably start on everyone’s presents soon.

Job vs. Schooling


So I had an interview today at Dollar General and I’d have to say that it went real well. In fact he informed me that I’d be getting a call from him tonight. However considering I’d only get paid minimum wage and only be part time it is not worth it financially. AND, we would loose my kids health insurance and we’d pretty much be paying for me to have this job. SOOO we have been talking even more and I am looking into take college classes. I’m considering Culinary Arts. But I’d love some feed back on what good class courses are for a crafter and stay at home mother like I’ve been.