Cuddle Monsters


cyclopsmonster floralmonster geekymonster monkeymonster piratemonster puppymonster sportymonsterquilt

These are my cuddle monsters. Not all are monsterly and not a single one is scary πŸ™‚ Some of these are large and some are small. They are each unique and would make a perfect little buddy for a little one πŸ™‚ I made one for each of my two girls and one for each of my two nieces for Christmas last year. Of course my eight year old isn’t to fond of hers, but my little one just absolutely loves hers. I got the idea off a Β pin on pinterest (where else LOL). On there they advertised them as scrappy monsters. Mine wasn’t made from scraps mostly and they was no where near as adorable as the ones pinned. BUT they are still soft and cute. These are also something I made plenty of with the intentions of selling them. In all I made ten of them to sell at the craft bazaar back in November, but sadly only three of them sold. SOOO I’m on a mission to get these little cuties out of their box and into some little arms by the end of this year. However if you like what you see and want something a bit more to your specifications I can make one up special just for you πŸ™‚ This last one pictured is for sell as a set, special for a little baby boy. It’s theme is sports. The size of the cuddle monster is considered a large. The little quilt is a little Linus drag along or would fit perfectly over the child’s lap while in his/her carseat.

The themes for the cuddle monsters is from left to right: robot/cyclops(large), floral garden(small), geeky(small), monkey(large), pirate(small), and puppy dog(large).


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