So great news. My husband is finally getting that raise he was promised last year. But regardless of him getting it it is still time for me to venture out of the house and get a job of my own. I have been a stay at home mother for the last nine years. Dedicating my time and love into raising our children. One of the many reasons, and not being the most important was it was just cheaper for me to stay home with them then having to put them in daycare. Since I was a stay at home mother I was always available to help babysit for our friends and neighbors. Being a military life all those years I was never short of friends. We recently in the last year moved away from all of that and even though we have lived at this new place we still haven’t made any friends. And being that I went straight from High School to being married then having kids, not having a job of any kind or going to any school, finding a job recently has been very very very depressing. The last place I want to work is McDonald’s or somewhere equivalent. Nothing wrong with those places, but I really just don’t want to work there. However I applied at Pizza Hut and not even they was interested in me. I have so many skills of serving and cleaning, but it seems like no one will give me the time of day. If only I could make a living out of my quilts then I’d be doing something I love and making a little money off it to boot 🙂 But I will keep my head up and just keep applying for jobs. Since we live in a Lake Town with many hotels and resorts I am bound to find some sort of job soon, considering it is getting to that time of year when all the vacationers and seasonal tenants come rolling back in.


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