Garden Birthday Party


So that ever so busy birthday week for our family is approaching soon. One week in May we have four birthdays all in a row! I still can’t believe the chances of that happening. In the past I was a super organized Mom and had my daughters parties planned out two or three months in advance since all I had to worry about was our family of four and our friends. Now that we moved back home to all our family and away from all our friends I have more to consider than what weekend and what not is best for us 🙂 BUT I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD! In the past I try to take into consideration what my little birthday girls want as a theme or based off what they have been really really into lately. But my little almost five year old really just doesn’t care. She is like her Daddy in soooooooo many ways. I always joke with people that the only thing she got from me was my eyes 😉 I even just recently asked her what she would like as a present for her birthday. What does this little goober do, she looks around the room and says the first thing that her eyes fall on. My blanket, thinking this is a joke I laughed and asked what kind of blanket. Then she states the second thing her eyes fall on, Daddy’s fish tank, so she wants a fish blanket. Knowing she is just joking and that she would really be happy with whatever we make/buy her we are going to go with making our girls a playhouse outside 🙂 I know they will love it and get much use out of it this summer. Considering this is what I’d like to do for them I thought having a great picnic/garden party off our great back deck again would be a great way to display they’re new and exciting play thing. Among other things will be the great game of cornhole, maybe some horseshoes, heck maybe even they’re pool if it’s warm enough by then, along with some amazing ribs and sides. Instead of going with the normal cake like we do every year I have decided to make dirt cake. I tell my little birthday girl this and she just thought that was so funny. Once that much anticipated weekend is among us I will gladly post a few pictures of my “crafty” decorations.


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