Zigzag quilt




This is my zigzag quilt. Which by far has been my most challenging quilt to date. I like to do block quilts and wanted to stray from it a little. This quilt originally was going to be for my niece but once I started making it and realizing how much fabric, time and effort was going to be needed with it I changed my mind and went with something else for her. This quilt size is only a throw/lap quilt and I needed one that was going to be big enough for a twin. There was no way I was going to get it done by Christmas in that size. I machine stitched it on my regular sewing machine and that was also challenging. It is by all means not perfect, to the eye of the maker I can see many flaws, BUT it still turned out really good and looks to be a very sturdy blanket that will survive many washes and uses from a little girl. It is currently sitting away in a box, unused, waiting for the right little girls to come along and need it 🙂

will definitely try the quilt again. But instead of using jelly rolls I will pick out fabric from the bolt and cut the strips myself. I don’t know if all jelly rolls are like this or not, but the affordable kind I can get at JoAnn’s was cut a little off and crooked. This was also my first experience with precut fabrics and will be a bit more watchful on it.

http://thelittlefabricshop.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-chevron-quilt-tutorial.html here is the link that helped me make this. I hope you it can help you too.


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